The Book That Inspired the Show!

My name is Kate West and I grew up in an Italian American family.  Each year during the holidays, after the music stopped and the tree was put away, my family had one more tradition to celebrate. We had the celebration of La Befana!  


La Befana brought laughter joy and magic to us on the 12th day of Christmas, and it’s always been my dream to share her with children all over the world.  That’s why I wrote La Befana and the Star!


La Befana and the Star shares the classic legend of La Befana with a culinary twist.  It teaches La Befana’s Magic Star Cookies recipe - the very same one made by my nonna each year during the holidays.


There’s was something magical about cutting out dozens of stars and watching them turn golden in the oven.  They contained anise extract and orange zest, but I have come to believe the most important ingredient was the love we felt in our hearts as we made them.  And THAT’s what made them so delicious.


It is with that same spirit to love that I share La Befana with you — inspired by may family and the joy that La Befana brought to us as we celebrated this tradition brought by my grandparents from the Old Country to the New World.


It is my heartfelt wish that you fall in love with La Befana like I have; and that she brings magic, joy and celebration to you and your family for generations to come - and of course, cookies baked with love!!